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Top Laptops for College in 2015


Finding the best Laptop for College – Expert Buying guide


Education methods have advanced over time. Having an internet connection and a laptop is now an essential factor especially if you are in college. Assignments and exams demand a lot of research in a short time. Without a laptop you will never be able to finish in time and you may also have trouble finding the right information. Fortunately, everyone can now afford buying such a gadget. Manufacturers have struggled for a very long time to find the perfect balance between performance and price.

It seems that currently there are hundreds of options for you to consider. We’ve decided to help you narrow those numbers down in order to make your decision a whole lot easier. If you are on the market for the best laptop for college 2015 we recommend using our buying guide which we constructed out of the most popular questions readers have sent our way.


How important is battery life?

Even though you can now find a power outlet almost everywhere around campus, it is still safe to say you need a laptop with a strong battery. If you are always running around you will not have the time to charge your laptop whenever it is all drained of energy. Paying a bit more for extra battery life is an investment worth making. We recommend focusing on this particular aspect if you are checking out several of the best laptops for college 2015. Look for newer models which use processors built out of 4000- series parts. These processors consume less energy than most of the other similar items.


What is the perfect size for a laptop destined for college use?

College laptops should be small in size and very lightweight. Running around campus with too much weight is not a pleasant situation. Also remember that laptops like these are meant for mostly studying, putting together assignments and the occasional videos. You really don’t need a big display. Rather concentrate on performance as bigger displays contribute to the increase in price. We recommend the small and highly portable Acer C720. For more information check out the reviews below.


What keyboard is more comfortable for your most common laptop-related activities?

You will probably be doing a lot of typing on your laptop. If this is not the case get a tablet. It is very unlikely though for a student not to need a keyboard though. Try as much as possible to find a decent sized laptop with a well spread out set of keys. Cramped keyboards can be very annoying especially after using them for hours and hours. We recommend getting the HP Pavilion which has one of the best keyboards out there. For more details check out the reviews below.


What top-end features to avoid in order to save money?

If you plan on using the laptop only for basic use avoid spending money on things like quad-core processors, high end designated graphic cards, SSDs or 4G wireless. All these could make a normal $300 laptop cost three times as much without exactly improving your experience in a significant way.


What college students own


Nowadays you can’t go through college without having a decent laptop at your disposal. Fortunately manufacturers have decided to come up with dozens of affordable alternatives for students. Choosing the right gadget can be complicated though as the markets are filled with options. Our experts have taken the time to test and rate tens of budget laptops. They’ve managed to put together a list with the best college laptops 2015 which all incorporate the best features within a certain price limit.


Acer C720 Chromebook




This is the way to go if you are looking for portability. This device has its limits when it comes to complex demands but it shines when it comes to basic activities like text editing or internet browsing. With those two things in mind, the Chromebook provides an excellent keyboard and a fast internet connection. It comes with a 16GB SSD for quick reaction times. It has an Intel Celeron processor which will have absolutely no trouble running basic software like Microsoft Office. The 11.6 inch display keeps things tight and lightweight. The C720 has a battery life of 8.5 hours which is perfect if you are always running around campus with little time to recharge your laptop.

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HP Pavilion 10-e010nr Laptop




The best laptops for college 2015 should come with a small display, a great keyboard, a durable body and decent features. This is exactly what the HP Pavilion provides. With it you get a 10.1 inch touchscreen powered by an AMD Radion HD 8180 graphic card. You also get 2 GB of RAM and a A4 processor by AMD. If that is not enough, HP also provide the license for Microsoft Office Home & Student 2013 which alone costs half the price of the laptop. You basically get it for free. This gadget also comes with Windows 8.1 preinstalled.

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Asus X551CA Laptop




If you are looking to get the best laptop for college 2015 this is the device to get. It is packed with features which a year back were fit for some top end laptops. The X551CA has a preinstalled version of Windows 8 which already means you get a great deal considering the price for any Microsoft license. When it comes to speed, this laptop has 4 GB of RAM and an Intel Celeron Processor which will handle even some of the more complex tasks you usually deal with on a laptop. It has no optical drive but it comes with USB and HDMI ports. It has a 500 GB HDD and a 1.0 MP webcam. The 15.6 inch display represents the better of two worlds. It is just big enough to let you watch videos but also small enough so you don’t get tired by carrying it around.

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ASUS VivoBook X200CA-DB01T Laptop




The VivoBook is all about portability and durability. It will last throughout college without any problems. It comes with a preinstalled version of Windows 8 and it uses s 320 GB HDD which is more than enough to store your stuff. It is extremely lightweight and it has an average battery life of 5 hours. In terms of performance, this laptop provides 2 GB of RAM set in motion by a 1.5 GHz Intel Celeron processor. It has an 11.6 inch display with a great resolution and it comes with an integrated Wi-Fi adaptor. It even comes fitted with one 3.0 USB port.

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Dell Inspiron 15 i15RV-1906BLK Laptop




Dell have outdone themselves with the Inspiration series. This budget device is packed with all the right features. It has an Intel Celeron processor which is perfect for both work and fun. It comes with an impressive 4GB of RAM which will allow it to handle multitasking like no other laptop within its market range. It has a 320GB HDD and it can also be connected to external devices through its USB ports. The 15.6 inch display allows you to view HD images and videos. It also comes with a HDMI port so you can directly connect it to a larger monitor or a HDTV.

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